Social Work Video-Based Case Study Simulations

Through another TLEF-funded initiative, Dr. Barbara Lee, Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work, is developing a comprehensive online educational toolkit that includes lecture materials, virtual simulation videos, and student assessments and evaluation frameworks for instructors to use in training social work students working with children and families.

Recent studies on the use of simulation-based training demonstrate positive student learning outcomes in social work skills.  The Library supported Dr. Lee in creating a logic-based tool based on Qualtrics to guide students through the case study simulations.

The full toolkit is still under development but early participant responses have been positive.

Participant comments:

“I would recommend this virtual simulation to students at the beginning of their BSW, those who are not familiar with the MCFD process, as well as not familiar with interviewing, as this simulation is a good way to go through the steps of an investigation.”

“Virtual simulation is a very cost effective means of providing the experiential context of learning; interviews and clinical reflection for new practitioners; I have always been a huge fan of interview training using live actors; this is the next best thing.”