Build Your Academic Profile

Thinking about publishing your research? Today there are more ways to communicate your scholarly ideas than ever before.

We can help you navigate your options for presenting, disseminating and publishing your research.  Our subject librarians can help you find the best, high-impact journals in your field. If you’re a UBC student needing academic writing support, our Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication can assist.

Don’t have time for a consultation? Here are some quick tips to build your academic profile:

  • Enhance your scholarly profile using traditional and social media tools, and identify ways to participate in your field through webinars, blogs and platforms such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Mendeley and
  • Make effective use of ResearcherID, ORCID and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to increase your publications’ impact.
  • Be familiar with the most commonly used research metrics, journal impact and citation counting tools.
  • Learn to avoid so-called ‘predatory publishers’ who charge exploitative publication fees without providing the editorial and peer review services associated with legitimate publishers.  Here’s a new checklist from University of Toronto to help you with your choice.

Our Library Research Commons workshops cover many of these topics, with programs throughout the academic year.

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