Open Access Publisher Discounts

UBC Library’s commitment to open access extends to institutional memberships with a variety of Open Access publishers and organizations. These memberships provide benefits to researchers at UBC, often through discounts on article submission costs for OA publishing. The Library also provides APC discounts through our negotiated license agreements direct with selected publishers and via our membership to the Canadian Knowledge Research Network.

Discount on Article Submissions

Publisher Discount Instructions
American Chemical Society (ACS) $250 USD

Discount on APCs for all ACS journals (effective July 1, 2019)

Use an affiliated university email extension address and select its institution from the drop-down box.

Confirm that the institutional affiliation stated in the body of the manuscript is the corresponding author’s affiliation.

BioChemical Society 5% Discount on APCs for journals to which UBC subscribes
BioMed Central 15% Discount includes all faculty, staff and students. Submitting from a UBC IP address will grant then membership discount automatically. If submitting from a non-UBC IP address, select UBC in the dropdown list as the affiliated institution and BMC will verify.
Bioscientifica 50%

Eligible to receive a 50% discount on gold open-access option for UBC subscribed journals.

Additionally if prospective authors are members of the Society for Endocrinology, the European Society of Endocrinology or the Endocrine Society of Australia they may also be eligible for further publishing discounts and can check the details with the editorial office.

BMJ Case Reports Institutional Fellowship provides full access to the collection and covers the case report submission fee for UBC faculty, staff and students.  UBC fellowship code is available here.
Cambridge University Press 20% Discount applied on APCs for all Gold OA or Hybrid OA CUP journals. The discount is applied when the author submits the article to RightsLink.
Elsevier 20% Discount on APCs for hybrid and Gold Open Access journals. Exclusions apply to Cell Press, Lancet, and some other society owned journals. Refer to the Elsevier “Author Journey” document for information on applying the discount, turnaround times, contact information, etc.  Additional details available here.
CRKN – Canadian Research Knowledge Network Varies Discounts are available for selected publishers. More information is available here.
Electrochemical Society Unlimited UBC researchers are entitled to unlimited open access article credits.
John Benjamins Publishing Unlimited UBC researchers are entited to unlimited fee-free open access articles.
Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development: $500 As a Library Shareholder, the JAFSCD APC of $500 is waived for all authors affiliated with UBC, including all faculty, staff, and students.
MDPI 10% Discount on articles accepted for publication.
Microbiology Society Unlimited UBC researchers are entitled to unlimited fee-free open access articles.
NRC Research Press/Canadian Science Publishing 50% Discount on APC charge for OA publishing. The reduced fee is $1,500 CAD per article. When submitting your paper, please identify yourself as being affiliated with the University of British Columbia in order to receive the discount.
SpringerOpen 15% Discount on the article processing charge for UBC researchers,
The National Academy of Sciences 25% Discount on the open access surcharge for publication in PNAS.

Fully Funded APC’s on Accepted Submissions

Publisher Discount Instructions
Hydrology Research Two fully-paid OA waivers Open Access waivers (value of approx. $1,850 USD per waiver).
IGI Global Eight fully-paid OA APCs per year Open Access APC (value of approx. $2,000 USD per APC).
The APC is waived when the author is accepted for publication – IGI will notify the author that a waiver for the APC is available from UBC.
Please email Arielle Lomness ( for the waiver code. Code’s are given on a first-come, first-served basis every calendar year.
SAGE 40-100% 40% discount on Gold Open Access journals.
100% discount on most SAGE Choice journals.  Guidelines and exclusions are available here.

UBC Library also provides financial support to:

  • Arxiv: an open access archive of electronic pre-prints in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics. UBC is part of a global collective of institutional members which support arXiv financially.
  • Canadiana Héritage Project: The Héritage project is a 10-year initiative to digitize and make accessible online some of Canada’s most popular archival collections encompassing roughly 60 million pages of primary-source documents. Along with other CRKN member libraries, UBC has provided start-up funds to launch this project.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): an extensive directory of over 11,000 open access scholarly journals from around the world. UBC maintains an institutional membership to support the work of this organization.
  • Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JASFCD): the world’s only peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal focused solely on food and farming-related community development. The Open access campaign is based on community supported agriculture model to become the worlds first community-supported journal.
  • Open Book Publishers: a leading independent Open Access publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the UK. All books are available to read online and download for free, with no Book Processing Charges (BPCs) for authors.
  • Open Library of Humanities: a peer-reviewed, multilingual academic journal and books platform for the humanities. UBC is one of over 200 libraries internationally that contribute to cover the costs of publication for authors. The unique publishing model of OLH gives authors no-fee access to a platform with many benefits including professional presentation, annotative functionality, robust digital preservation, increased discoverability, and social media sharing functions.
  • SCOAP3: a consortium facilitating Open Access publishing in High Energy Physics.