Funding Opportunities

UBC Open Access Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences Research

The UBC Open Access Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences Research assists UBC faculty members who wish to publish in Open Access books and journals and who are required to pay associated fees, sometimes known as article processing charges (APCs).   This fund supports research directly aligned with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s General Guidelines for Eligibility of Subject Matter for SSHRC and Eligibility of Applications Related to Health.

UBC Scholarly Publication Fund

The UBC Scholarly Publication Fund was established to assist UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan faculty members with the costs of scholarly publications including, partial subsidies toward the cost of publishing scholarly works, and are commonly requested by publishers and academic presses to support the costs associated with monograph publishing. Support is also available for other publication costs that enhance the work through use of images, copyrighted materials, or special production elements. 

Graduate Student Travel and Research Dissemination Fund (Vancouver Campus)

The Travel and Research Dissemination Fund assists graduate students in sharing the results of their research with professional audiences, to contribute to students’ professional development, and to provide them with career advancement opportunities. Graduate students are eligible to receive the Graduate Student Travel and Research Dissemination Fund once per degree program. The Travel and Research Dissemination Fund provides funding support of $500 per graduate student.

OER Affordability Grant (Vancouver Campus)

OER Affordability Grants provide funding and staff support to UBC faculty who wish to incorporate open educational resources as required materials into their UBCV credit courses. OER Affordability Grant proposals can request up to $25,000 over the life of the project which can run over two academic years with the possibility of extending projects for up to six months. This direct support can be used by UBCV faculty to support the adoption, adaptation, creation, and/or integration of OER into credit-based courses.

OER Rapid Innovation Grants (Vancouver Campus)

The OER Rapid Innovation Grants provide funding for a wide range of activities and events that seek to engage the UBC community in increasing awareness and capacity for supporting and sustaining the adoption, adaption, and creation of OER at UBC V. OER Rapid Innovation proposals can request up to $2,000 per grant. Applications will be reviewed several times per term by the Open UBC Working Group with a total of $24,000 in funded grants per year. 

ALT OER Grants (Okanagan Campus)

The UBC Okanagan Open Educational Resources Grant pilot program provided funding and support to UBC Okanagan faculty who wished to adapt or create open educational resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are any teaching and learning materials that are made available to others to use without cost, and with an open license that allows for their reuse, revision, and redistribution.