Open Scholarship Commitment Implementation Working Group

Terms of Reference

The UBC Librarian Statement of Commitment to Open Scholarship was developed as a mechanism for librarians to declare their commitment to the values of open scholarship and to work toward the aspirational goals laid out in the document. The purpose of the statement is:

  • To build a culture of open scholarship, open data, and open operations at UBC Library
  • To foster and promote awareness of open approaches across the institution
  • To join our peers at institutions across Canada in articulating a commitment to open initiatives
  • To align the actions of UBC Librarians with open initiatives and practices on campus as well as national and international agencies, organizations, and initiatives we value
  • To establish UBC Librarians as a leader and exemplar of open initiatives on a national and global scale

The UBC Librarian Open Scholarship Commitment Implementation Working Group is responsible for working toward addressing the aspirational goals as laid out in the statement of commitment. The working group is responsible for socializing the policy aspirations, developing an implementation plan, and assessing the outcomes.

Working Group Members

Stephanie Savage (Year 1 Lead), Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Librarian, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office, UBCV

Erin Fields (Year 1 Secretary), Open Education & Scholarly Communications Librarian, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office, UBCV

Vanessa Kitchin, Southern Medical Program Librarian, UBCO

Aleha McCauley, Community Engagement Librarian, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBCV

Katherine Miller, Nursing Librarian & Land and Food Systems Librarian, Woodward Library, UBCV

Bronwen Sprout, Head, Digital Programs and Services, Digital Programs & Services, UBCV

Tara Stephens-Kyte, Digital Repository Librarian, cIRcle, Digital Initiatives, UBCV

Alex Alisauskas, Reference Librarian, Woodward Library, UBCV

Working Group Sponsor

Allan Bell, Associate University Librarian, Digital Programs and Services

Previous Members

Nick Ubels, Community Engagement Librarian, UBCV

The following items are in scope for this working group/team:

  • The development and implementation of open scholarship practices with UBC librarians
  • The assessment of open scholarship practices of UBC librarians
  • Advocacy and professional development activities for implementation of open scholarship with UBC librarians

The development of relationships with units, teams, working groups, and communities of practice in UBC Library

Examples of these activities could include:

  • Assignment of Creative Commons Licenses across UBC Library LibGuides
  • Formalize librarian content deposit practices as part of annual review
  • Development of open access practices for media sources (e.g. photos, graphics) used on the UBC Library website

The following items are out of scope for this working group/team:

  • The development and implementation of open scholarship policy and practices beyond UBC Library
  • Staffing allocation, restructuring, and funding allocations may be recommendations from the working group but these decisions are outside of the group’s authority

Examples of Open Scholarship currently in practice at UBC Library.

The following are some of the responsibilities of the working group. It is expected through consultation and through the activities of the working group that these responsibilities may change.

Year 1 - Socializing Adoption of the Statement & Development of Implementation Plan

  • Provide in/formal opportunities for Librarians to comment on and contribute to the development of the Statement of Commitment
  • Provide in/formal opportunities for Librarians to comment on and contribute to the development of an implementation plan that addresses the aspirations of the statement
  • Identify units, committees, and working groups where the implementation plan may impact their activities and processes

Year 2 - Implementing into Practices

  • Facilitation of the implementation plan. This may include developing new practices and workflows, developing training and communication for librarians, and evaluation and assessment of current practices.
  • Identify, develop, and coordinate a series of professional development opportunities that address multiple levels of knowledge and engagement with open scholarship principles

Year 3 - Assessment & Review

  • Develop an assessment plan to review the outcomes of the statement implementation.
  • Obtain feedback from librarians on the value of the Statement and make a determination as to whether further implementation is necessary

January 2021- January 2024