forall x: UBC Open Textbook

forall x: UBC edition is an open access introductory logic textbook developed by Associate Professor of Philosophy, Jonathan Ichikawa. This text, based on P. D. Magnus’s forall x, is used as the primary teaching resource in PHIL 220: Introduction to Formal Logic at UBC, a course that Dr. Ichikawa has been teaching since 2011. The textbook is produced under a Creative Commons License, and is free for all students and instructors worldwide.

With support from our TLEF, Dr. Ichikawa was able to hire a student who had special expertise in LaTeX, a typesetting system used in the production of technical and scientific documentation. With the student’s help, he was able to enhance the typesetting and layout of his text. Additionally, he worked with the student to make the text available in a GitHub Repository. Having the text in GitHub allows others to easily access the source code, making it more useful to instructors who may want to adapt it to their classes. It has also allowed Dr. Ichikawa to build in some responsiveness as he continues to make updates. For example, if he adds additional problems or sections the table of contents will update automatically.